Jami Wolfsberg is an artist from hamburg/Germany whose focus currently is on dark and archaic shamanic art.

having deep roots in the Gothic scene of the early 80‘s, the fetish objects and ritual tools he’s building furthermore integrate elements of Voodoo and witchcraft, the african-, indian-, pre-columbian (aztecs and maya)-and roman-catholic culture.

another field of his activities lies in the production of surreal visual art, which is done by processing photographic and film material in a variety of ways.

originally being a musician in the field of electronic music, in the year 1997 he decided to concentrate more on visual art; at the time of the millenium, the construction of metal objects was added.

From 2007 on this changed into the building of fetish objects, relying on rare and exotic natural material.

although having ceased to produce music by himself, he’s still deeply involved in creating soundscapes by DJing, currently based on dark ambient / drones, dubstep and witchhouse.

a recent exhibition which has thoroughly been documented can be found here: www.voodoo-in-altona.de

the Visual Works can be viewed here: www.iradiant.de

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