is a site dedicated to the work of german artist jami wolfsberg.

deeply influenced by african, indian and pre-columbian art, the voodoo cult and gothic horror, shamanism, witchcraft, surreal-, phantastic- and psychedelic art, the fetish objects and ritual tools shown on this site are representations of spiritual beings on the "other side" of reality.

these may be ancestors, demons, allied spirits, totems, archetypes or fields of force; basically, all of them embody various aspects of the all-comprising universal spirit.

the objects have been constructed to operate as material vessels for those spiritual beings or energies; they may be used to get in contact with them, to invoke their inherent powers.

just like all other energies do, they too comprise brighter and darker, positive and negative, friendly and frightful, helpful and destructive aspects by nature; it all depends on the observer´s projections upon them.

like messengers of the soul, they may attain something for you, and like a magical mirror of the soul, they may tell you something about yourself and the spiritual cause of all things.

to attain such an extension of consciousness is what this art basically is designed for.

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